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Reading on the Coast of Maine - Boon Island Tales

Phew, what a busy week. Feeling a bit overwhelmed, I decided to take a breather and get a couple hours of therapeutic ocean time in this afternoon. The ocean is in my blood, and always soothes me.

For this installment of photographing books on location its the true and infamous story of the shipwreck of the Nottingham Galley in 1710. You can’t see it through the fog but about 9 miles off shore is Boon Island, the site of the harrowing, grisly event (ahem, cannibalism) chronicled in this book. I met the author (Andrew Vietze) in Baxter State Park last week where he is a Park Ranger and wealth of knowledge.

The book is a fascinating read, especially when reading while my senses were assaulted by crashing waves and salty air. York beach can be pretty touristy but I went down to the end and the fog wrapped me up in a secretive embrace.

(You can buy the book on Amazon here: Boon Island: A True Story of Mutiny, Shipwreck and Cannibalism - no affiliation or kickbacks, just sharing a good book.)

I don’t think I’ve mentioned before that my great-great-grandfather was a sea captain out of Jonesport, Maine - I would love to learn more about him!

(Don’t be alarmed by the seaweed and barnacles, no books were harmed in this photo shoot…)

I also popped around the corner to Cape Neddick Lighthouse aka The Nubble, one of the cutest and most photographed lighthouses in the country. Then it was back home to pick raspberries by headlamp, they’re prolific this year - I’ve been picking quarts and quarts every day! First time picking by headlamp which worked fine and picked up some eyes watching me (raccoon I’m sure). It also helped make sure I didn’t grab any sleeping bumble bees, who adorably fall asleep on the leaves at night after hard days conducting important bee business.

Tomorrow I’m off to the New Hampshire Highland Games at Loon Mountain with my aunt and cousins woohoo How is your weekend going?

Thanks for reading!

Lilly x

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