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Checking in From the Snowy Northeast

Hi everyone! I’ve had an extended absence on here and just wanted to hop on and say yes I’m ok It has been so touching that folks have been reaching out to check on me, and I’m so sorry if my unexplained silence caused you worry.

Find Her in the Highlands

I’ve mentioned that the last year has brought winds of change for me, and I’m just working my way through it - authenticity is always something I value highly but I’m not ready to come back just yet. I need some time to just be, personally and privately, while I prioritize my mental and physical health in a fast paced, social media driven world that’s a bit crazy and overwhelming sometimes.

I never set out to be an “influencer” and really I’m such an unlikely person to have ended up with such a broad and lovely readership - I’m the small town, country girl from Maine who wants to disappear into the woods, stand at the river’s edge and hear only the roar of the water, hide in the mountains and lose all sense of time. And yet somehow I found myself drawn to an online community that I love being part of. I’m so blown away that all of you want to hear my words and see my photos, and I hope I give you inspiration to be kind and curious and find the courage to step outside of the box and live the life you want to lead.

I’ve spent the last 5 years advocating for living an authentic life, and right now, I’m trying to listen to my own advice and be mindful and present and true to myself in the direction my life is going. There are things I grieve and there are things that make my heart so full it can barely contain my happiness. One piece of advice I can give you is that life shouldn’t be lived in pursuit of absolutes - it’s about balance, acceptance of change, openness to new things, and leaving room in your heart for your past, your present and your future. They will all collectively be part of your life and make you who you are.

Today I felt keenly aware that my spirit is starving for adventure, so I hit the road to the mountains for a change of scenery. I still needed to work and get some shopping done, but on my way home I stopped for a walk in the cold, snowy woods through a covered bridge and along the river’s edge. I started to walk back but teared up, my feet like lead weights holding me back. I wasn’t ready to leave the woods yet. So I walked a bit more, reassuring myself that I will get out more, I will feed my soul with more sylvan silence and riparian rapture. And the lead weight slipped off my feet with that reassurance, and commitment to prioritize the things that I need.

I want to extend such a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has checked on me, been patient with me, offered to take over some of my many irons in the fire, and just been supportive through my time of “distance.” Truly, I am ok, and I will be back - we have to know when it’s time for reflection and self care and right now it’s my time.

I hope you all find happiness in the little things as this year draws to a close. Please reach out to your neighbors, your family, your friend you haven’t heard from, the person whose eyes don’t sparkle like they once did - your words and actions can be powerful lifelines, and we are nothing when we lose our sense of community. If you’re struggling I hope you will hang in there, and if you’re doing well I hope you’ll share some love with your fellow humans. You all matter.

Lilly x

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