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Musings on One Year Post Fracture

One year ago today I woke up with a broken heel bone, avulsion fracture and sprained ankle. (To recap: I wish I had an amazing story but in reality I was going down the stairs too fast and missed 3 steps, landing on a twisted foot. I was 0% weight bearing for 3 months and then did 2 months of physical therapy.)

When I asked my ortho about the prognosis for future hiking she stressed that a calcaneal fracture is statistically a devastating injury in terms of future complications.

I hung up the phone and allowed myself a good cry. Then I dried my tears and resolved to do my best to maximize my chances of healing. I wasn’t going to let those words kill my hope and optimism. I had much to be thankful for: it didn’t shatter and I didn’t need surgery. My physical therapist was an avid hiker and tailored my therapy around my hiking goals.

I found kindness around every corner. My family helped me while I was down. A woman I’d never met in my home town lent me a walker for as long as I needed. The Lyons club lent me a knee scooter. And you all made me feel so cared for with messages of support and advice

Now I’m stronger than ever, I climbed Katahdin, I feel healthier, my weight is still dropping, I have amazing things happening in my life. I’m a happy lady on many levels. I want to thank you all for the support you gave me along the way, so many of you have continued to check on me to see how I’ve been healing. I appreciate you so much!

Hiking after the break has been different - I don’t want to take a single step for granted. I was told that arthritis may set in, or other complications and sure I still have some swelling and tender steps occasionally. But I’ll deal with things as they come up, not worry in advance. I have big plans for these feet next year in Maine and in Scotland, can’t wait to share with you when the time comes .

If you’re going through a time of healing, I hope you can take heart and feel encouraged - it’s ok to have some low times, but try to keep your spirits up too. You have more strength than you know, and if you feel alone, I just know there are people in your community who would help you. If you need help finding local support, I’ll do what I can :)

Lilly x

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