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Scottish Wanderlust Meetup! 19th of May, 2019

I'm so excited to announce the first meet up of Scottish Wanderlust - generously hosted by the The Govan Stones Project. There will be tea, coffee, biscuits, guided tours of the church and the amazingly extensive stone collection, a Q&A with the experts, and a raffle. And because its also my birthday weekend, I think cake might be in order too :)

This is a great opportunity to meet kindred spirits who love to wander and explore Scotland! It is also an amazing chance to learn about the treasure trove of stone artifacts inside the Govan Old Parish Church - including the Viking Hogback stones and the Govan sarcophagus. For those of you unable to make it, I will be sure to go live on Facebook at some point during the event!

Please indicate if you will be going, to help me with the planning process, and stay tuned for more detailed updates.

Donations to the Govan Stones Project are welcome but not required - this is an admission free event, open to all ages. I hope to see you there!!

For full details, follow the link:

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