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Godspeed You Romans

Hey friends! After a series of events and soul searching that have ended my long walk for now, I’ve been spending time with my dear friends in the peaceful countryside west of Glasgow. My apologies for my silence, if you’ve messaged me or have just been wondering if I’m ok, please rest assured that I am just fine, and I’ll catch you up a bit more in time

Yesterday I ran into my old pals from the Lost Roman Legion outside Kilmacolm - they’re just as lost as any other time I’ve seen them. I give them directions every time but I’m starting to think they’ll never find their way home…

But what is home? Home is inside yourself. Home is the people you love. Home is the places that hold your soul. Home can sometimes be in a state of flux, but its always a feeling of peace and belonging.

Home for me is a blend of things I store up in my heart and soul. Andrew - my partner and the love of my life….my friends and family…Scotland, my ancestral home…my home state of Maine…the sounds of waves crashing on a rocky shore…the stillness of a quiet forest…the smell of lilacs on my birthday…the wind in my hair on a mountain top…

So many things make up this wonderful treasure called home for me, and as a wanderer, I have nurtured the ability to take that feeling with me wherever I go. So when the unexpected happens, I can always rest easy in the faith that my sense of home and all it entails will catch me, will stop my fall, and will give me a safe place to reflect, dust myself off, turn my face to the sun, and find my feet and my hope again.

I’ll be returning Stateside in a week or so. Andrew’s ranger season has just begun and we will be living part time in his ranger cabin in the Maine wilderness and part time building our home off grid in the woods. (Moody Mountain Diaries will be our space for stateside shenanigans and this will remain my Scottish space.)

I hope you’ve all been doing well! What does home mean to you?

Godspeed you lost Romans and your fabulous mustaches. See you next time!

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