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Be Wild, Be Free

My time in Scotland is coming to an end in just a few days and I had one last windswept adventure today on the northeast coast. I’m turning 40 next week and today was a wonderful day out to clear my head, reflect, and look forward. I absolutely love a windy day, and it was a perfect day for a coastal walk. A windy day at the ocean is one of the BEST forms of therapy for me. It’s as if the wind and the waves move within and clear my heart and mind so I can think clearly.

This visit went differently than I expected but with time it became clear it went just as I needed it to go. (I’ll share more with you in time, I have many stories to tell from this trip!) There will be plenty more Scotland in my future, which makes saying farewell so much easier. I’m feeling so refreshed and excited to return Stateside for the adventures (Moody Mountain Diaries for those) that await me at home with my Andrew.

Be wild, be free, be hopeful, be yourself. Whether you’re single or you’ve found your person, being your authentic self is the best advice I can give from my first 40 years around the sun :)

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