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Persephone in Scotland

You may have heard of the famous Pictish stone known as the Maiden Stone, at the base of Bennachie. But what you may not know is that just around the corner, hidden in the woods just off the road, is a massive statue of Persephone. Both carvings share a common thread.

The legend of the Maiden Stone says that a maiden lost a bet with the devil, and he turned her to stone (the notch in the stone is said to be the place where he grabbed her). In Greek mythology, Persephone was also known as the Maiden, and was kidnapped by Hades, the god of the underworld.

Scotland's own Persephone was carved in 1961 from 8.5 tons of millstone grit. In her hand she holds a mirror - a nod to her neighbour, the Maiden Stone, which bears the classic Pictish mirror symbol.

If you want to see her, the easiest way is to park at the Maiden Stone and (carefully!) walk up the road towards Rowentree car park. She’s in the trees to your right.

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