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Inverurie Pictish Stones

Luna and I had a 3 mile nice morning hike up Mither Tap on Bennachie via the Gordon Way and Heather Brig trails. As always when I’m on Bennachie, my mind is creating content for my Pictish novel I’m working on. After a chat with the lovely Catherine at the Bennachie visitors center (who generously gave me some research materials I didn’t have yet!) we made our way to Inverurie.

There are 4 Pictish Stones encased in glass in the cemetery at the base of the Bass of Inverurie, on the B993. (The Bass of Inverurie is the name for the 2 big earthen mounds that once held the motte and bailey castle built by the Earls of Garioch in the 1100s.) The Pictish Stones used to be freestanding in the cemetery but now have a case of their own and have been cleaned up a bit. (Click on each photo for a quick description.) These are Class 1 Pictish Stones, which dates them to the 6th-8th Century AD.

I’ve attempted to find these stones before but the road is a busy one and there isn’t much time or space to pull off at the cemetery so I had to leave it for another day. Today was that day!

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