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High Keillor Pictish Stone

Updated: May 28, 2021

Another lovely Pictish stone, the Keillor Stone near Coupar Angus. I had kidnapped my trusty sidekick Luna for a couple weeks and she is always on board for helping me add more stones and other ancient things to my list. We were pretty methodical this particular day, like two mad women traversing the countryside, mad with the stone lust. (Its a thing, I’m sure many of you have it too.) This one was particularly memorable because of its commanding position over the Angus landscape. Knowing I’m getting close to a site is thrilling enough but its is even better when I’m also gaining elevation to get to it. It just all feels so grand and deliciously exciting.

On the OS Map this stone is marked “Symbol Stone of Tumulus.” A tumulus is an earthen mound built over graves. Excavations on this mound have yielded several burial cists. This was clearly an important place. The stone was recorded as broken in the 1800s but due to its location at the cist, it is believed that it is likely in its original location.

This view from this spot is stunning, but the exposure comes with the cost of greater erosion of the carvings. But if you look closely, you can make out an animal on the top. Most accounts I’ve seen call it a wolf but I have seen bear too. Luna strongly voted wolf, and sat next to it to plead her case. Below the beast is a Double Disc and Z-rod, and below that a Mirror.

Image Source: Canmore

In my video linked below you can see a bench for taking in the view, which I did for some time. The drama of the clouds, the yellow of the rapeseed fields popping out against the vibrant greens, a light breeze in my hair and the companionship of a loyal furry friend…I couldn’t have asked for a lovelier visit.

Heres the short video I shot from the spot, the quality doesn’t seem stellar but I’m still trying to get used to videos and uploading and all that jazz.

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Thanks for reading!

Lilly x

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