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Happy Beltane!

Happy Beltane! This year I’m embracing this ancient ritual/celebration into my personal life. I’ve read that Beltane roughly translates to “bright fire” and celebrates the fertility of the land and the coming of summer and new life. A ritual of fire accompanies Beltane as a symbolic means to purify, heal and protect. Like the fire, I strive to constantly remake myself, shed negativity, and daily turn my face to the sun and new beginnings. I’m an ever evolving butterfly, accepting of who I am today and hopeful for how much more I can be tomorrow.

On this morning’s walk I focused on how all the things happening in nature created an energy around me. It felt rejuvenating. I am not a religious person, but believe in everyone’s right to believe what they want. My beliefs no longer involve a specific deity, but I do feel a spiritual connection with nature. It no longer matters to me what anyone believes. Call me a hippy, a flower child, a tree hugger, a pagan even, if you need a box to put me in. But that doesn’t matter to me. Love, kindness, community, caring for others and the earth - these things matter to me. As long as you’re not hurting someone, believe what you want and live your best life ❤️

In about 2 weeks I’ll be 37. I like how Beltane falls close to my birthday. It’s a good time to reflect. As I reflect, I feel true happiness thinking of how much I’ve changed in regards to how much negativity I internalize from other people. I look within myself for acceptance and motivation. Looking at this picture I reflect on how years ago, someone I was dating pointed out the deep lines in my forehead. I hadn’t given them much thought but became quite self conscious. As much grief as that comment caused me, I’m still grateful for it. Because it really made me aware of how deeply our words can affect others (even little comments on someone’s appearance.) For good or for bad. It strengthened my resolve to try my hardest to have kindness as my mantra. I’ve had far worse said and done to me since then and am happy to notice how much stronger I am now.

It is said that on this day, ancient hearth fires were put out, and relit from a new community fire. I love this symbology of community and connectedness. We all hold it within ourselves to be beautiful people. It’s a choice to be kind, to be thoughtful, to be appreciative. So on this fresh new day, let’s all embrace new life, cleanse ourselves of negativity and protect one another by being kind. Because kindness spreads like fire❤️

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