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Craigmin Bridge

I love it when you guys send me tips! Today I found the overgrown Grade A Listed Craigmin Bridge in Buckie, the most unusual bridge I've ever seen. Very little is known about it but it was likely built in The 1700s. The woman at the farm where I walked into the woods to find the bridge told me that the steep descent onto the original bridge proved too much for horse and carriage - a woman died when her carriage fell off, which prompted the upper level to be built for a level crossing over the gorge. (There is also a rumour that Prince Charlie hid here while on the run but considering the fact that he fled west after Culloden not east that seems unlikely to me but you never know...) As I'm trying to recover from being sick and still feeling quite weak I didn't go all the into the gorge for a shot up but it was so worth the wander into the woods! In recent years some efforts have been made to cut down trees and ivy that were causing the structure to break up. As the sign says, however, proceed at your own risk. Thank you for the tip Richard!

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