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Camping in a Cave!

Yesterday morning I woke up to this view. I spent the night hemmed in by the high tide and sheltered in a shallow cave below the cliffs that run below the Moray Coast Trail between Covesea and Hopeman. This seastack was like a silent giant, guarding me in the night. Why was I there? I will be writing up my experience over the next few days, but to keep you intrigued, here are a few points of interest regarding my ultimate destination: Pictish carvings, a 16th Century carved curse, and plentiful evidence of a rather dark mortuary and/or ritualistic history. I’m referring to the Sculptor’s Cave, a place described in the first 1929 excavation as “A place that the sun never touches.” It was a hard earned and memorable experience getting to the cave (DO NOT attempt without research and a carefully timed plan), and another Personal Independence Day adventure for the books. Each year I seek out a new experience on October 19th to celebrate my freedom, reflect, and renew my hopes for the future. And cake - always cake!

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