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Respecting Venerable Trees

Updated: May 8, 2019

A pair of stunning venerable beech trees 😍 I love old trees, and feel a deep affection for them. These trees are old, they are important to the environment, they are beloved, they hold delicate ecosystems of their own, and they should be respected. These are likely several hundred years old - just imagine what they've seen through the ages. In general when I visit big trees I don't share their locations (unless they are publicly promoted by the parks systems etc), in an effort to keep them protected from irresponsible tourism and vandals. (For example these trees had names carved into them. In other countries, famous old trees have been cut down so people can have a piece of them).

Around the world venerable trees are vandalised - sometimes they are resilient and do just fine, other times they do not recover. With the rise of tourism from various factors (economies, accessibility, tv shows and movies, etc), it is VITAL that we take care when we visit. There is nothing wrong with seeking out locations that interest you, but when you find them please, please make every effort to be respectful, to stay on the path, to enjoy from a distance when possible etc. Whenever possible, lets do all we can to make sure that only nature is responsible for wear and tear and not us.

And an added word of caution - big, old trees fall, and its important that we stay safe when we explore.

If you know where these trees are please respect my wishes not to share their location in a public post. If you want to visit them please message me privately. Thank you!

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