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Back to Bennachie!

I’m trying to focus on itinerary reviews but my mind keeps wandering to Bennachie ❤️ I never tire of this spot on Mither Tap on Bennachie, the entrance to the prehistoric/Pictish hillfort. I love the way the views open up below. It was here I found the inspiration to start working on my Pictish novel, which will heavily feature Bennachie ❤️ Luna loves bounding down these steps with a favorite stick in her mouth 😂

Its a bit mind boggling to imagine this being built, and all the footsteps that fell here before. But when you consider how prominent Bennachie is in the landscape, you can definitely understand why they chose it for their fort! I took the first photo through the gorse from the Battle of Harlaw Monument in Inverurie after yesterday’s morning walk up Mither Tap. Luna and I did a quick 3 mile circuit combining the Gordon Way, Heather Brig and Mither Tap trails from the visitors center.

The itineraries I'm reviewing are part of my Scottish Wanderlust consulting services for folks planning trips to Scotland. (Which I LOVE doing 😍 Get in touch if you need any assistance, I charge a flat rate of $100 for assistance and consultation for your trip planning.) I couldn’t believe it this morning when I saw that I’m over 15,000 likes - I’m absolutely delighted to have you all along for the journey!

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