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Picts in the Parlor?

I’ve tracked down dozens of Pictish stones - in fields with livestock, in forests, in churches, in museums...but this was the first time someone let me into their home to see one. I'd been out exploring with my furry friend Luna, and the sun was going down but I was determined to find this one.

What was once a church in the Aberdeenshire countryside is now a private home. The church was in disrepair when the present owner restored it and he left the stone where it was - built into the inner entrance. I didn’t know it was a private residence until I arrived (it was a bit tricky to find), and didn’t want to disturb them. But I thought "I’ve come all this way to find it, I’ll just knock and perhaps they won’t mind."

A lovely gentleman, his daughter and a happy little terrier invited me in and let me drool over the stone. He had a light handy to highlight the unique detail. (This is why strategic lighting is key for stones in museums, it really helps bring them to life!) I didn't want to take up too much of their time so I had a good look, nerded out a little as per usual (ok I nerded out a lot), and took my leave.

They wished me well, “We don’t get many visitors I’m happy someone is interested! Let us know when your book is written!” I was very appreciative of their welcome, and delighted to mark another stone off my “Pictish Pilgrimage” list.

Thanks for reading!

Lilly x

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