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Dyce Pictish Stones

As I research and write my Pictish novel, I continually seek out Pictish sites. It was a dreich day in Aberdeenshire today, (yep that’s sheets of rain coming down in the photo!) but it didn’t stop me from scouting these gorgeous Pictish stones while I was in Dyce. The stones are sheltered in the roofless ruin of St Fergus Chapel above the River Don. St Fergus was a Pictish missionary.

The cross slab has Ogham inscriptions running all the way down the right side, which say “EOTTASSARRHETODDEDDOTS MAQQ ROGODDADD“. It may be a Pictish name, as “ MAQQ ROGODDADD” means ‘son of Rogoddadd’. (Ogham is form of writing that originated in Ireland.) The lighting was too poor to get a clear photo of the Ogham so I’ve included the Historic Scotland sketch as well.)

And just look at that gorgeous Pictish Beast 😍

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