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The Scottish Wanderlust mission is to foster a sense of community around the love of Scotland. Political and cultural landscapes make it so easy to feel like we are at odds with one another - but in this community we have a common ground, and we prove daily that we can rise above our differences in a place that lets us escape from the madness. No matter your race, sex, age, sexual orientation, religion, or your shoe size - as long as you are kind and respectful, you are welcome. Its a space to build one another up, to make and foster friendships, to share travel tips, photos, reviews, experiences etc. 


Many of our members believe they will never make it too Scotland. The community gives them a place to live vicariously through others, and sometimes they discover the dream is actually within their reach.

The Scottish Wanderlust community operates on the following principles:

Be kind and Respectful

Kindness is free, and avoids a multitude of problems.


Be tolerant of other travel styles

For some, 10 days is the trip of a lifetime and they want to pack in as much as they can. Others prefer to stay in one place for extended periods. Neither approach is wrong. 

Leave politics at the door

It is 100% possible to avoid politics - just choose to let it go.


Respect the Outdoor Access Code

It is a privilege to be able to wander Scotland and we must not abuse that. Click here for a refresher of the code!

Support Local Businesses

Whenever possible, put money into the local economy - we use their roads, their land, their bathrooms, and sometimes we make life more difficult for them - the least we can do is give back. Stop for a coffee, buy from a local artisan, donate to the local groups who volunteer their time and resources to care for their landscapes. If everyone gives a little, it can mean the difference between a closing door and a thriving business.

Encourage curiosity

We strive to be a safe place to ask questions, share insecurities and dreams, and to ultimately spur people on to walk out the door and explore. Instead of belittling someone for not knowing something, educate them in a kind, engaging way that leaves them wanting to know more.

Give credit

Credit is a pillar of the group - if you share a photo, a poem, a graphic etc that you didn't create, the right thing to do is credit the source.

Avoid unsafe activities or vandalism

Sometimes this is obvious - don't take videos while you're driving, don't litter. But there are popular activities that are damaging and dangerous such as feeding wildlife and rock piling. The best practice is to leave things as you found them and enjoy wildlife from a distance.



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