Decorative Hand Soaps

I use essential oils and work with a combination of glycerin and shea butter bases. I plan to switch to the cold process method in time, so I can make my soaps completely from scratch and natural. But for now, melt and pour bases are best suited to my current situation. I find these bases to be very nice on my hands and I like to keep the essential oil scents light and not overpowering. A full ingredient list is available upon request. (I do not make any claims to their benefits, I only describe them based on commonly attributed possible benefits.)

All soaps are available in plain white, unscented or a combination of the colors, scents and exfoliants shown. 

I have chosen imagery that has meaning to me, but I can also create basic soap shapes if you do not wish to go with a decorative mold.


Green Man

The Green Man is an ancient symbol, across various cultures and religions. There are differing opinions on the origin and what it means, but as I have progressed in the understanding of my own beliefs and world view, I have become drawn to the Green Man motif. For me it represents a connection to nature, and that there is living, sustaining spirit in more things than I ever realised. Drawing close to nature has given me freedom, and peace. 


Memento Mori


I have wandered through a lot of graveyards in Scotland, and symbols such as skull and crossbones, spades, coffins, hourglasses are prevelent. This imagery is called Memento Mori which is a Latin phrase to remind us of our own mortality. And on a lighter note, my brother and I share a love for spooky things, and I bought this mold originally to make soap for him.




I've crossed paths with sheep on every one of my wanders. Little white dots freckling the hillsides, little lambs frolicking in the springtime, or sheep scaring the daylights out of me when I didn't see them in the bushes as I approach. The fuzzy beasties are everywhere, and their wool is woven into a colourful array of tartan fabrics.


Scottish Terrier


For about 7 years I was a dog groomer, and Scotty Dogs were always a favourite for their stubborn feistiness and their ambassadorship of Scotland. Growing up in a family with Scottish roots, I was always delighted to see them in artwork, books, and checked in as guests when I worked my first teenage job at my local dog kennel.


Tree of Life

The tree of life appears in many origin stories as a symbol of strength, balance, wisdom, protection, connectedness, and many other virtues

.I grew up in a lumber family and have always felt a kinship with trees - an awareness of their life-giving properties, strength, stability,and wisdom. I am especially in awe of venerable trees.I feel great respect for the gentle giants, for their strength, endurance and wisdom gained by standing resolute through the centuries


The Owl of Wisdom

My love of owls began when I was earning my Bachelors of Science in Wildlife Science - I trained birds of prey at a raptor rehabilitation facility, and the thrill and deep honour I felt when these birds perched on my arm is a feeling unmatched.


In the ruins of Duchal Castle, I encountered an owl roosting in the roots of a tree that held a castle wall together. This encounter is a special memory for me, and sometimes when I go back I can still find him there!

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