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Scottish Wanderlust Meet-ups

If you have any interest in participating in the planning, running, sponsoring etc of Scottish Wanderlust meet-ups, please contact me :) I'm looking to create a network around the country and around the world, where we can create chapters, events etc. I can't be everywhere so I need a team to help me that shares the same values that the Scottish Wanderlust community has been built around.

If you would like to request a meet up in your area, please comment your area or contact me. I have visions for meet-ups that include historical venues, beach cleanups, photography, hikes, crafting, classes - basically any interests you have that can be turned into a group activity with fellow wanderlusters! Thanks everyone!

You can also email scottishwanderlust@gmail.com for requests of involvement :)

(Join the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1678177472216210/)

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