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Scotland Adventures - Take 3!

Well, its been awhile since I've written an actual blog. I really shouldn't get away with how loosely I use the term "blogger"... If theres a delinquent blogger jail I'm destined for it if I don't clean up my act.

I can't do much by way of penance right now, as I'm sitting in the lovely Terminal E of Boston's Logan Airport. (And I say lovely with sincerity - it is bright, spacious, clean, and full of culture - people watching with an international flair.) It's really nearly impossible to believe, but I'm about to embark on my THIRD trip to Scotland in less than a year. A year ago I had never even been abroad! And now here I am a regular traveler to Scotland.

This trip will be my longest yet - I'm planning to be there until early November. So much has happened since my first trip. I'm travelling with a full heart and a nearly empty wallet. I've left Boston and my belongings are at my parents' house in Maine - when I return I will be finding a place in southern Maine where I grew up - a new base of operations for a new path in life. I'm not cut out for the office 9-5 anymore, so I'm paving my own path to freedom. I'm floored by the lovely souls that have become part of my subscriber base. From words of encouragement, shares of my posts, random gifts, contributions, invitations to stay in people's homes...and I'm actually typing on a loaner laptop that was mailed to me by a fan after mine crashed. There is so much to be sad and scared about in the news and yet I feel happy and blessed on a daily basis by this amazing group of people that has rallied around me.

Its been a long day already - I've been up since 4am. I'm not looking forward to the overnight flight. I have a headache and theres a screeching alarm going off which surprisingly isn't helping...so here's hoping I can sleep on the plane and not be a grump arriving in Scotland. Ha! Who am I kidding, its not possible to be walking off a plane onto Scottish soil once more and be grumpy. (The alarm mercifully stopped, to be replaced by a screaming toddler. - But I'm all smiles - my heart is already in the Highlands.)

I'll share with you again soon, from my happy place. Whats in the works for this trip? Well, to name a few things...The Edinburgh Tattoo, dog sitting on the west coast, a photo shoot in Paris, a wedding shoot in the Borders, a Highland Fling in Linlithgow, and LOTS of unassigned free time to be spontaneous. Here's to a new round of adventure, and living life to the fullest!

Thanks for reading!


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