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My Own Medieval (Or Roman!) Beach Treasure

After consulting with Scotland's leading experts at the University of Glasgow in addition to other friends with extensive knowledge on the subject, I am excited to share the most awesome beach find of my life - a piece of glass that is at least medieval and the possibility of being Roman can't be ruled out. We will never know for sure what it was part of - could be the neck of a bottle, or a large bead. While I did find it on the beach while collecting sea glass, the remnants of a flaky patina tell me it can't have been tumbling around in the ocean for very long. I'll never know how it got there but I do know its very old. I am one very happy history nerd/sea glass hunter right now!

How did I know it was old? I've handled a fair amount of Roman glass in the past when I worked for Cannon Beach Treasure Company - the bubbles, the patina and the color just have a look about them that stood out to my trained eye. I knew it had to be old - and the experts confirmed my gut feeling :) My mind boggles to think about the hands this glass has gone through in centuries past. And to think... My back and shoulders were getting very sore from hours of stooping and hunching collecting sea glass. I almost didn't go to the very end of the beach - this was the last thing I grabbed before turning around to head back!

Please note: while this is an extremely cool and unusual beach find, it is not considered "archaeologically significant" meaning there is already plenty of old glass like this in museums etc which is why I was not requested to give it up. Please note that I did not go digging for this, I found it on the beach.

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