• Lilly

If You're English - I Love You Too!

Updated: May 17, 2018

In light of my involvement with the protests against the housing development near Culloden and this anniversary weekend of the Battle of Culloden, it's been on my heart to clarify for any who might misunderstand my sentiments - I am not anti English. I have many English friends, and I myself have English ancestry in addition to my Scottish ancestry. It makes me sad when I see comments on my posts from folks who think I'm promoting anti English views. I am an American because of Culloden. My Scottish ancestor left Inverness for Nova Scotia during the Clearances that followed Culloden. So naturally it is an important topic to me and one I am passionate about. Not because I can't let go of the past, can't forgive, judge people by the actions of their ancestors etc. But because preserving history is important - in memory of those whose lives were ended or altered, and to prevent such things from happening again.

So to all my English followers - I love you too! I hope you have not thought otherwise.

I took this photo on a trip I took down to see Hadrian's Wall. I look forward to more trips to England in the future!

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