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by Find Her in the Highlands

Samhain - The History of Halloween in Scotland

Sunday, 25th of October, 7PM Scottish Time (GMT)/4PM US East Coast (EST)

Scottish Wanderlust Presents:


~ Annie & Jenny ~

Tumshie is the Halloween story of a dad and son making old fashioned Halloween lanterns and a costume together. The story is inspired by how a Scottish Halloween used to be celebrated. 

Stories of Scotland is an award-winning podcast exploring history through blethering. Hosts Annie and Jenny travel around Scotland and investigate how stories of the past can help us make sense of modern life. 

~ Mark Mechan ~ 

This is a free, family friendly event, for people of all ages to learn about Scottish Halloween traditions, and ask questions of our guests. To join the mailing list and receive the Zoom login information, please email

Scottish Wanderlust


"Scotland, the Love of my Soul"

Far from my eye but close to my heart,
I carry a love song for you.
I silently weep whenever we part,
Crushed by a love so true.

What do you do with the pieces you steal
Of my heart so raw and tender?
In the night I beg, please hear my appeal,
Give me peace from your haunting splendor.

Just for a day, even an hour! give me peace,
Let my soul take a rest from its longing.
I beg for calm, and for heartache to cease,
Every new day at the dawning.

I curse you! I cast you out!
I try to rip you from my core.
But it has no affect the scream or the shout,
Nor any attempts to implore.

So I’ll sit here alone and weep,
Ensnared by love’s strong bonds.
I have to accept that my soul you will keep,
And rise above this despond.

I’ll dream of you in vivid color
Deep in the heathered glen.
Embraced by the warmth of summer,
And serenaded by the wren.

I will recall the rustle and hum,
Of the winds swirling round the moor.
Shepherding in the colors of autumn,
And bringing snow to the forest floor.

I’ll remember the winter won’t last forever,
As its chased away by the spring.
Day after day I will endeavor,
To encourage my heart to sing.

I’ll not succumb to the defeat,
That would cause my love to spoil.
I’ll not give up until my feet
Are planted firmly on your soil.

I love you, I need you, my life you complete,
No other can make me whole.
Please hurry, the day when again we meet.
Oh Scotland, the love of my soul."

~ Lilly Hurd ~

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