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Books by Lilly Hurd

Hi, I'm Lilly! I live in the Maine woods with the love of my life, my partner Andy, who is a park ranger and writer. I love my home state of Maine, and I have a passion for Scotland that swept me off my feet. In October, 2016 I traded my high heels for hiking boots. I left corporate Boston for my first trip to Scotland to follow my Highland MacKenzie roots. That trip changed my life, and led to many more wanders in Scotland. This is a place for me to share my stories and my photographs, as well as a home for the community of amazing people that have rallied around me as I share my journey with the world. That community is called Scottish Wanderlust, and you are welcome to become part of it! 

I invite you to come along with me as I tell you stories of Scotland, share photos of my journey, paint pictures with my mind’s eye. If you have never been to Scotland, I hope to inspire you to go. If you have been and long to return, I hope to be a kindred spirit to share your longing. And if you're from Scotland, I hope to show you your country through fresh eyes and remind you what an amazing place you call home.

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